Get Your Contact Lenses from Your Hope Island Optometrist

Whether you simply wish to restock your contact lenses or are looking to buy your very first ones to leave your glasses behind, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure that your prescription is still accurate if you’ve got an existing prescription, or help you find the right prescription if you’ve never worn them before.

When It comes time to restock your contact lenses on the Gold Coast, you can always trust Sanctuary Cove Optical. Visit us instore or give us a ring on 07 5514 8220.

Restocking your contact lenses affordably

There’s no denying that glasses can be frustrating in the humid Gold Coast weather. They steam up and stay cloudy, not to mention rain! If you’ve had it with your glasses, we invite you to visit our Hope Island practice for an eye test and contact lenses that best suit you. When choosing contacts, there’s a lot to consider, such as prescription, whether you want daily wear or extended use lenses, and how often you need them. Stocking up online might seem like an affordable and quick option, but truth is, prescriptions change over time, and it can be hard to gauge accurately which, and how many lenses you need. At Sanctuary Cove Optical we always take the time to ensure that you get the right contact lenses for your needs, because to us it’s a service, not a product. That’s why our customers visit us from across the Gold Coast, Paradise Point, Hope Island and beyond.

The comprehensive optometrist practice

At Sanctuary Cove Optical we provide a complete optometrist service to young and old, so that can rest assured that we can help ensure the eye health of you and everyone you love. Whether you’re looking to book an eye test to ensure that your contact lenses or eyewear prescription is still accurate, or you want to rid yourself of glasses for good with Ortho-K, we can help you. We also pride ourselves on the continuity of our staff – meaning that the optometrist that conducted your last eye test will continue to help you in the future.

Ready to stock up on your contacts? Don’t hesitate to visit us instore or give us a ring on 07 5514 8220.