Stylish, International Sunglasses Available on the Gold Coast

Make a splash this summer with a new pair of sunglasses from our wide spanning international selection. We’ve got the most current styles, so that you can rest assured that the perfect shades for you are amongst our stock. We do prescription sunglasses as well as standard sunglasses, so that you can see clearly and protect your eyes at the same time. Give us a call or visit our Hope Island location.

The importance of quality sunglasses

Not only do quality sunglasses look great and last longer than their cheaply made counterparts – but professionally made sunglasses come with complete UV protection to ensure that your eyes are sun smart alongside your SPF protected skin. Don’t take chances, an investment in quality sunglasses is an investment in eye health.

Helping you find the perfect sunnies

It can be hard at times to choose the perfect style. Perhaps you’re leaning between two or three vastly different styles, or can’t decide between the warm turtle shell or brown colour of the same frames, why not ask our seasoned staff? They know a thing or two about what makes glasses work with a face and can offer their opinion on what style best encapsulates you.

If you’d like to pair your sunglasses browsing with an eye test to ensure that your current prescription is still up to date, we can do that, too. Whether you’re in Paradise Point, Hope Island or elsewhere on the Gold Coast – we invite you to stop by our state-of-the-art practice for a bespoke eyecare and eye wear service.

The complete eye care and eyewear service

At Sanctuary Cove Optical we’re passionate about being our area’s trusted neighbourhood optometrists. That means we provide a complete service, from state-of-the-art eye tests, to Ortho-K, to eye glasses, contact lenses, and more, so that you and those you care about can have their eye needs sorted in one place. We also provide a continual service, meaning that the optometrist you saw last time will be the optometrist you see next. We love to get on first name basis with our customers, so do stop by our Hope Island locale for sunglasses, glasses, and more.

Be sun smart this summer – visit us instore or give us a ring on 07 5514 8220.